The Selangor Fashion Week 2019 makes its debut. A story of inspiration.

The press conference for The Selangor Fashion Week (SFW) organized by MMK Marketing and Miss Malaysia Kebaya Sdn Bhd together its co-organizers AD Excelevent International Sdn Bhd kicked off with a bang this morning at the 2nd floor of Farenhiet88 in Kuala Lumpur.

The two day event is also supported by the Malaysian Ministry Of Tourisms, Arts & Culture together with the Selangor State Government covers all aspects of the local fashion industry from fashion shows to fashion & beauty workshops, fashion awards, talent shows of all local and international talents in the fashion industry.

The arrival of guests

The arrival of the Director of the Malaysian Ministry Of Tourisms, Arts & Culture (Right) Encik Akbal Setia was greeted by Ms Nicole Fe Lynne and Dr. Jason Hee

Sandwiched between Dr. Jason Hee and Encik Akbal Setia. Ms Peggy Zhang the president and founder of International Cultural Exchange & Tiara Emas Heritage Association . 

The guests being ushered to their seats.

Everyone is seated and ready for the commencement 

The members of the press and media getting all fired up for the press conference. 

The start of the press conference 

From the left Ms. Adelyn Kang of AD Excelevent International Sdn Bhd, Nicole Fe Lynne Co-founder of the Selangor Fashion Week, Dr. Jason Hee, the CEO and founder of Selangor Fashion Week and Mr Darwish Roslee
A special quote from Dr Jason Hee had the audience eating out of his hand. “Don’t show just act, don’t talk just show, don’t promise just do and honor”

The guests glued to the speakers during the press conference.

With Co-founder of SFW Ms Nicole Fe Lynne where fashion has always been her first love during her schooling days and owing her good looks from her 93 year old grandmother and without the support she would not be where she is today.

She also said that it is incredibly important to enhance a country is to first enhance the younger generation and SFW is tasked into grooming, guiding and training the younger generation of the Malaysian fashion industry.

Wrapping up the press conference with the taking of questions from the press and media.

The signing of the MOU

And with the completion of the signing of the MOU there was only one thing on everybody's mind.....

It's time for Selfie!

Selfie with the man labeled as the model of change.

Meet the founder of DON Management Mr Bernard Nathan.
Born with spinal muscular atrophy Bernard stressed on the inclusivity which is still in its infancy stage in our country whereby there’s hardly any chance for models on wheel chair, paraplegic, models without limbs to showcase their talent in the local fashion industry.

Wanting more Malaysians to embrace people who are differently abled and unique in appearance has led him to setup his own company Don Management which is aimed at scouting talents of the disabled.

Having setup their Instagram and facebook page more than a year ago and today they're highly sought after by fashion event organizers and Bernard hopes that they would get the chance to do their own fashion show where the public would get the chance to see wheel chairs blazing down the runway. 

For more info please check out their FB page:

And before everyone leaves it's never too late for group photo sessions.

Thanking all for coming to the press conference and hope to see you guys again during the SFW.

Date: 30th November (Saturday) to 1st December 2019 (Sunday).
Location: Fahrenheit 88 Kuala Lumpur.


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