Blazing down the runway of Selangor Fashion Week

Inspired by Dr Jason Hee and Ms Nicole Fe Lynne the much coveted Selangor Fashion Week finally became a reality with plenty of excitement, drama and color.

The two-day fashion show boast a schedule that was packed to the brim with fashion shows from the country's finest fashion designers, marketing talk from MATRADE, beauty workshop, the launch of La Bise Skincare. Live performances of violin play, belly dancing, Mexican Fandango dance, professional beatboxer, singing and many more.

Before we start let's go behind the scene

Hairdo courtesy of Msquaresalon

The male models getting ready to don the fashion by Mensuit Jungle

It's time to suit them up and make them pretty...

Putting the final touches on the models by Fashion Designer Ben Nazry

The kids are all dolled up

The models dressed by Redcarpet Bridal is good to go and can hardly wait for their turn to blaze the runway.

No matter how busy there's always time for a selfie.

The moment we've all been waiting for....
Officiating the start of SFW by Dr Jason Hee, Ms Nicole Fe Lynne, Mr Darwish Roslee, Ms Adelyn Kang.

A Fashion Show that will simply blow you away!
A model strutting down the runway with Latip's Collection
Fashion by DODO

Anna Sue with her models

The Fashion designer Ben Nazry with his collections

The male models all looking suave and sleek for Gavroche

Pretty in White by Louisa Michael

The Beauty workshop with tips sharing on Makeup, Hair, Fashion Design & Marketing talk.

A big Thanks to JI LONG TANG for sponsoring the refreshments of their signature Oolong tea and Matcha tea. 

Fashion Designer: NAJLA SHOES

The guests at SFW were entertained by violinist Dr Julian Lee, belly dance by Lee Boo Ying, Lee Kai Xing with the Mexican Fandango dance, a professional beatboxer, live singing by Irene Wong and many more.

At the LA BISE FRANCE booth

The influencers that attended the launch of LA BISE FRANCE

Fashion by Redcarpet Bridal

DON Management & Katreena

"What others see as broken, unfit or imperfect we see as people who are made perfectly beautiful by God and are destined for great things."  Quote: Bernard Nathan, the founder of DON Management.

Photo credit: maestromediamy

DON models wheeling down the runway
  All she needs is a little help from her friend.

Many doesn't that the word DON actually stands for "Diversity Opportunity and Novelty. 

And do checkout their Facebook and Instagram

The full collections by Redcarpet Bridal

Saving the best for last....

Von Jolly Couture

Fashion Designer Von Jolly Couture

Closing the curtain with a live performance by the multi talented singer cum rapper Ms Nicole Fe Lynne belting out a number together with the Little Kebaya Children. 

SFW - The Finale

The Little Kebaya Children and Miss Malaysia Kebaya
So long... farewell and a big Thank you from all of us.

A huge round of applause for everyone in da house.
One for the road...

Blow kisses from the beauties and bidding everyone a final farewell.

Kindly stay tuned for SFW 2020 Coming Soon.

The list of fashion show slots:
Redcarpet Bridal
Bon Zainal
Gid Idris
Edeline Couture Korea
Don Management and Khatreena
Sam'mas Mirror
Mensuit Jungle
Lavasthraa Beautiq
Colecagy Concept Store
Anna Sue
Ben Nazry
Eusopth Salleh
Hafiz Carson
Latip's Collections
Najla Shoes
Pretty In White by Louisa Michael
Von Jolly Couture
Miss Malaysia Kebaya Couture
MMK Little Kebaya
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